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New site manager: Allow me to introduce myself.

@Vrherrera8 on Twitter

Although they are some tough shoes to fill, it is a great honor to introduce myself as Miner Rush’s new site manager.

Before I begin, I would first like to acknowledge the hard-work Alex Nicolas put forth as Miner Rush’s former site manager, contributing greatly to it’s development over the past 5 years. From what I’ve seen, he has done an excellent job growing the Miner community and sharing the latest UTEP athletic news.

As a UTEP Alumna, I too am a miner fanatic and understand the role is a significant responsibility.

I’ve spent many of my college and professional years bartending and contributing as a reporter and social media specialist to various media outlets that include the UTEP Prospector, Minero Magazine, Borderzine Magazine, the El Paso City Magazine, the Hispanic Women’s Network and Western Technical College.

During that time, I’ve also done some internship work for local news stations, and helped local brands and businesses build a stronger digital presence though the establishment of my own social media-marketing agency.

With that said, I feel my combined background has provided me with a first hand appreciation of both the joys and challenges that are encountered when embarking on new ventures and look to bring that experience to Miner Rush, continuing to maintain the site rigor and development.

I can already appreciate the cohesive teamwork of the staff as I transition into this role, and am enthusiastic about joining this team.

I would like to thank Matt Brown and SB Nation for confining their trust in my ability to oversee this title and am committed to further fostering the site quality. I genuinely am excited to embark on this interesting new opportunity and am looking forward to keeping the community of Rush loyalists informed and entertained of all things UTEP athletics.

Go Miners!

Valerie Herrera