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Miners Unveil New Football Uniforms As They Gear Up For The 2018 Season.

Photo Credit: Uniswag

El Paso, Texas- The UTEP football team unveiled their new uniform looks Wednesday in the wake of the season opener game just weeks away.

The uniforms were revealed via twitter by UTEP Equipment and feature footage of three different versions of uniform colors with matching helmets after days of teasing fans over social media waves.

The images feature Kalon Beverly in blue (desert sky), Kahani Smith in orange (sun city), and Kavika Johnson in white (white sands).

Although the navy blue colors dominated last seasons’ styles, the new Tennessee orange shade can be seen incorporated into the matching helmets, along with the pant and jersey styles for the 2018 season.

This is also the first year grey is featured in the uniform combos as shown on the navy blue jersey player number.

Slight differences are found in the blue helmet outline as it has switched from silver to white following the new shade of orange.

The array of uniform combinations should be sure to get fans geared up on September 1st as UTEP will kick off against Northern Arizona at the Sun Bowl.

Excellent close photo layouts of each uniform are featured on the website.