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Alex Nicolas: My last Miner Rush post

All good runs come to an end, and my run as Miner Rush’s site manager is coming to an end as well.

For the past five years it’s been a daily privilege and passion to bring you news, takes, info, previews, and all of the above when it comes to UTEP Athletics.

As most of you loyal Rush readers and fans know, I do have a regular job, and I just accepted a major promotion inside that job which requires my full attention and time.

I have so many of you to thank for helping support, and develop this site into my main goal of Miner Rush being…..THE BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET TO FIND UTEP ATHLETIC INFO.

Thanks to Anthony Salom who brought me in the MR world and showed me so much and will be a friend forever.

Thanks to Steve Kaplowitz and 600 ESPN El Paso for the radio plugs and media guidance, Brandon Cohn, Mando “The Monster” Medina, Felix Chavez of the El Paso Times, Bill Knight, Steve Escajeda, Mark Miller, Paul McKinnon, Joe Fan, Beau Bagley, Andy Morgan, Asher Wildman. Jason Groves from the Las Cruces-Sun News. Rigo Chaparro and David Mijares from Miner Illustrated. Miner Rush’s recruiting expert Angel Luna. Adrian Broaddus and the UTEP Prospector. Dave West from The Daily Dragon. Matt Brown from SB Nation. Eric O’Brien from KDBC. Miner Rush photographer Matt Metz. The entire staff at Underdog Dynasty and Mid-Major Madness and so many more...

Thanks to all the folks in the C-USA Twitter mafia who make Twitter fun.

Thanks to my entire family for their support and for the cheap page views lol.

Another huge thanks to Jeff Darby, Denise Mata, Drew Bonney, and the entire UTEP Athletics Media Relations and coaches and former players like Sean Kugler, Ken DeWeese, Jameill Showers, Omega Harris, John Bohannon, CJ Cooper, Julian Washburn, Matt Willms, Earvin Morris, Dominic Artis, Ced Lang, Aaron and Alvin Jones, and Ryan Metz for their professionalism and access to bring you first hand info, which made MR a special place.

Lastly, thank you to you loyal readers for all the emails of support and concern and the friendships we have developed that will continue to last on the message boards and at road games.

UTEP and El Paso are special and unique places to me. Our passion for UTEP Athletics and the city of El Paso is crazy and loyal (despite a 0-12 season), but it’s what makes El Paso home to me. Living and dying by UTEP Athletics (throw the damn ball Patrick Higgins) has been a part of my entire life and will continue to be.

UTEP Athletics is in good hands with Jim Senter, and I will continue to support OUR Miners and will be excited to watch the future unfold from the stands. See ya’ll on the message boards….

Thank you,

Alex Nicolas