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UTEP Football: Assistant coach Remington Rebstock pulls off awesome wedding proposal

Proposing to your significant other at a sporting event is always an interesting and risky move.

Sometimes you can go the basic route of the video board message, or proposing during an on field “fan competition” or you can do what UTEP corner backs coach Remington Rebstock did and sit a top the throne of wedding proposals.

Oklahoma State volunteer assistant Alex Jones thought she was being honored for her work as a volunteer coach, throwing out a ceremonial first pitch in a mid-week non-conference game at Wichita State earlier this week

But UTEP assistant coach Remington Rebstock and the Shocker softball program had other life changing plans.

Despite a first pitch that was “just a bit outside” that visibly shocked the former softball star, her catcher on that first pitch who made the trip from El Paso chased her down after her toss and totally surprised her even more by proposing at the pitchers circle.

Congrats to both, sporting event wedding proposal are awesome when you pull it off the way coach Rebstock did! Props coach, that was super smooth.