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UTEP Football: Ryan Metz will miss Friday’s game against Arizona

NCAA Football: Rice at Texas El Paso Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Both The El Paso Times, and KVIA are reporting that UTEP quarterback Ryan Metz will miss Friday’s game with Arizona due to a shoulder injury.

Sean Kugler said Monday senior Zack Greenlee will start, and freshman Mark Torrez will be the backup if and when Metz was to be ruled unable to go during the week.

The exact timetable of Metz’s absence is unknown, but Sean Kugler was confident in his quarterback depth chart on Monday as well.

"Zack does a great job of handling the run checks, just like Ryan did. Zack has got an extremely strong arm, he can make all the throws. You're probably not looking at as much movement stuff. Zack is not quite as nimble as Ryan is when it comes to escapability and those type things. But as far as the offense, he has a great understanding of everything. And same with Torrez. Torrez probably can do a little bit more movement stuff, a little bit more zone read stuff with him and allow him to make plays with his legs. So he brings a little more dynamic things when it comes to his legs. Again, I'm confident in both of those quarterbacks moving forward."—-Sean Kugler on Greenlee and Torrez