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Short list of possible replacements/candidates for UTEP’s Athletic Director

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Texas El Paso Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Stull will ride off in the sunset after Thursday, while the UTEP Administration will now start a nationwide search for his successor.

Here is a quick and fun short list of replacements I would like to see in the mix.

Chris Park

Current Title: Senior Associate Athletic Director - Development and External Operations at UTEP

Park has been behind two of UTEP’s biggest athletic events over the past couple of seasons (Army football game, and 50th anniversary of the 1966 National Title), and has experience as an assistant Athletic Director at Texas State. Park knows the current UTEP landscape, budget, coaches, and would be a quick and safe replacement.

Lisa Campos

Current Title: Northern Arizona’s Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

A Latina with previous UTEP ties, and I’m all the way in on Lisa Campos. Campos served as the Senior Associate Athletic Director at UTEP from 2006 to 2012. Campos was reportedly a key cog in the opening of the Helen of Troy Softball Complex. If I had to power rank candidates, she’d be my personal #1.

Mike Price

Current Title: Sign ripper upper/retired

Mike Price was recently in the news for ripping up a fan sign calling for Tim Floyd’s job, but in all seriousness, Price wouldn’t be a bad hire for football revival. We all know he still loves UTEP, and has major passion and support for the Miner community. Price seems to be really enjoying retirement so he might not be interested at all, but his energy, possible visions, and college football ties could be key in reviving the UTEP football program’s on-field success.

Mario Moccia

Current Title: NMSU Athletic Director

Not sure if UTEP would be interested, but I’m sure Moccia would be. He’s an innovative AD, making chicken salad out of chicken crap in Las Cruces in terms of good hires, basketball success, and marketing. While NMSU fans seem weary of fully supporting Moccia, his attempts to bring in fan support have been pretty solid. He’s also dealt with coaching changes, and possible FBS demotion while at NMSU, so the stability of the UTEP Athletic program could allow Moccia to do big things at UTEP.

Justin Moore

Current Title: Senior Associate Athletics Director at Texas A&M

Moore was promoted to Senior Associate Athletics Director in August of 2016, and has a big hand in Texas A&M’s football fundraising. Moore has C-USA experience as he was at Houston, and is a young and upcoming name who can raise funds and be an out of the box hire.

Jeramiah Dickey

Current Title: Baylor University's Associate Vice President for Athletics Operations

An El Paso Native who helped Bob Stull develop the Miner Athletic Club, Dickey should be a main favorite to replace Stull. Dickey has worked closely with former UTEP staffer Mack Rhoades who is the current AD at Baylor, giving him lots of experience since his early days at UTEP. Dickey would be a solid hire, and perfect fit for the Athletic Department.

Dr. Brian Wickstrom

Current Title: Athletic Director at University of Incarnate Word

A few months ago, Dr. Wickstrom was looking for work after a unfair ending at ULM, but now he’s in San Antonio as the AD for UIW. Wickstrom is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s top fundraising athletic directors. He was recognized as a Top Athletic Director in the Group of Five by SB Nation’s Underdog Dynasty while at ULM. He worked under Bob Stull while here at UTEP, and if interested, he will surely be a surefire candidate and possible finalist.