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Bob Stull tells the El Paso Times he’s retiring after 18 years

Bob Stull

One of the biggest UTEP Athletics stories broke overnight, and it will end the 18-year tenure of UTEP’s Athletic Director Bob Stull as he announces his retirement.

Stull told the El Paso Times he plans to retire as his contract officially expires Thursday.

"It's time," the 71-year-old Stull told the El Paso Times. "Kim (his wife) just wants to get next to our kids and grandkids. And they are all in Missouri. We get to see them three times a year, and that's just not enough."

He told the Times he plans to stay on board until a replacement is hired, giving UTEP’s administration an Athletic Director search two days before the 2017 college football season starts.

Stull has notched many accomplishments while at UTEP. Turning UTEP’s football facilities into the best in C-USA, and making a number of solid hires throughout his 18-years while also making academics a priority for student-athletes.

Times have been tough the past decade or so in terms of on-field success in UTEP’s two money sports, but there is no denying the hard work, and administrative success Stull gave UTEP in his 18-years.