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UTEP Football: Conference USA Media Kickoff Recap

The UTEP contingent of Sean Kugler, Will Hernandez, and Alvin Jones stuck to the usual script with class, and got through the unofficial start of the 2017 football season Wednesday in the DFW.

Here are some of the highlights.

Biggest takeaways:

Quarterback situation

In some quotes that I heard/read, the most interesting was the quarterback situation, particularly the future life after Ryan Metz.

We all know this is Metz’s team for the next two seasons, but when asked if someone is pushing Metz, Kugler quickly answered another El Pasoan and Eastwood Alum Mark Torrez is a guy to keep an eye on in the future.

Torrez is currently third on the depth chart behind Zack Greenlee, but showed he is more than capable to play and produce at the FBS level throughout the spring. His future is bright as a passer, and will be a name to watch this fall.


Kugler talked about how recruiting linebackers for the 3-4 on the defensive side is just as important as offensive lineman have been during first four years as head coach. Admitting UTEP was dry in linebacker depth last year after the switch to the 3-4, Kugler and Tom Mason now have 20 linebackers across the roster and depth chart.

A roster note, Brannon Bullitt who was originally recruited as a wide receiver is now listed as a linebacker on the roster.

Offensive line and secondary are the clear strengths

With Will Hernandez returning alongside a few other very seasoned lineman and talented youth, the secondary boasts the same cliche’ label with four impact players returning.

Getting Micheal Lewis back in the secondary is huge, and UTEP has legitimate offensive line depth for their numerous run package sets.

There’s questions marks all around, but these two spots look really solid in the preseason.

A JUCO Kicker?

Kugler mentioned UTEP signed a JUCO kicker to replace Jay Mattox who graduated, working on finding out who that is.

Army trip will feature a tour of West Point

When UTEP makes the long trip east to face Army, it will serve as a life and educational experience.

Kugler told Reddit College Football the team will arrive a day earlier than usual, practice, then tour the campus.

Check out some of these informative tweets

Kugler, Hernandez, and Jones went on C-USA’s Facebook Live, they start at the One hour and fifteen minute mark of the video.