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Sean Kugler Joins Twitter

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Texas El Paso Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Social media is becoming a big part of society and people all around the world are constantly on their phones searching for the newest hit song, most trendy story, and for us at the Rush Twitter is key for sports info.

Today we welcome a new member to the Twitter world....UTEP head coach Sean Kugler.

College football coaches and programs are pushing for more of a constant social media presence evident by the Tom Herman’s and Jim Harbaugh’s of the Twitter coaching world who have a fun presence at times.

Not sure how much personal tweeting Kugler will do, and UTEP has really been behind on the social media craze compared to other schools even in their own conference.

But either way good to see UTEP getting with the times, hope Kugler gives us some solid content! Follow him at @CoachSeanKugler.

Now the question Tim Floyd next?