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UTEP Football: Dimel waiting for visits to secure signatures for class of 2018

For the first time ever, college football has a signing period in December, but for the UTEP football program things won’t wrap up until the late period in February, and possibly even later.

“We’re pleased to say that the initial stages of our recruiting process is going well. The first step that we have taken is to evaluate the personnel within the program. This has allowed us to address our needs,” said Dimel. “The next step was to get a good feel on numbers we have in each class. This allows us to have a plan for balancing our numbers in the future. There are several recruits across Texas and the country that we have had conversations and contacts with. We have chosen not to sign any so we can further get to know them and allow them to officially visit our campus in January. Some of these recruits could be mid-year transfers. We are moving swiftly but are doing our due diligence. Each decision is based on the long-term future of our program.”

Dimel released that statement earlier this afternoon after UTEP gained no commitments or LOI’s in the early period. Dimel is prepping for Kansas State’s bowl game while Mike Canales, and a few new assistants are handling UTEP’s recruiting plan.

Another thing will be to evaluate UTEP’s current scholarship needs once school resumes and the coaching staff gets a feel of who is transferring or staying.

Right now there is a dead period in recruiting for the holidays, but things will pick back up on January 12th when UTEP normally hosts their official visits for the February signing period.

Once UTEP hands out some official visit invites, then the class of 2018 will take shape, but for now, enjoy the holidays Miner fans, and maybe Dimel and his new staff will have some recruiting tricks up their sleeve before time runs out on the class of 2018.