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UTEP Football: Renewed energy was entertaining to watch

Hear out Ying Yang on how UTEP’s new energy makes things interesting, even though 0-12 is very possible.

The 2017 UTEP Miner Football Team 11.0.2 version rolled out of the tunnel this weekend against Western Kentucky in hopes of redeeming themselves to all the fans to go along with trying to establish some kind of identity after five games. Unlike the latest IOS update that keeps zapping iPhone batteries left & right, this Miner team came out like a Morphie case displaying tons of energy while avoiding the wall they’ve hit like they have the first five games. While the end result was not win, you can’t dismiss the energy you felt out there amongst the 20,418 faithful in attendance at the Sun Bowl.

What I do not get is how some fans are still not satisfied with what they saw from this team last Saturday. Rather than clutter this piece with negative, sarcastic tweets regarding the Miners 15-14 loss to the Hilltoppers why not SUPPORT the product we saw on the field instead? As one prominent radio host always says on his show that people in this city always find a reason to bitch and complain. They are never satisfied. Fact of the matter is that former Coach Sean Kugler had lost this team early in the season with the hope the team would somehow get a win to stop the bleeding. The Rice game was the first knife going into the back of the team with the ultimate twisting of the knife coming in the loss against NMSU. Eventually the losing takes its toll on everyone where doubt starts to creep in if you can really turn this thing around. From the player’s perspective there is probably more doubt if their coach can steer them in the right direction. You saw that once opposing teams started to pull away in the previous games the body language of the players seemed to be one of going through the motions as their coach stood looking poker face (or confused) on the sideline.

Seeing a familiar face return to the sideline on an interim basis has cut many ways to Miner fans this past week. Realistically this team may not win a game this whole season. Vegas Insider now has Southern Miss as a 23 point favorite over the Miners come this weekend. This team will face this every game from here on out, but if the sample size we saw on Saturday was any indication then it should be exciting the rest of the way. More importantly once the season is over how will you remember Coach Price? If this team shows competitiveness, energy will you remember that? The following tweets are indication that some fans liked what they saw:

Whether this Saturday fans were there to show support this team or there to see Coach Price does it really matter? The support will be there as long as the product continues to be entertaining……