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UTEP Fans Split on Mike Price as Interim Head Coach

Following a shocking announcement late yesterday afternoon that former UTEP coach Mike Price would take the reigns as the interim head football coach, fans took to social media to voice their opinions.

In a MinerRush poll taken via Twitter, the feelings almost couldn’t have been more mixed.

That poll will remain open through the rest of the day so the numbers still could change. However, it wasn’t only votes that came in. Plenty of fans chimed in with their opinions.

The truth is only time will tell if Bob Stull made the right call with this, presumably his last, hire. There’s no question that Price has a love for UTEP and the city of El Paso, and he will go into this situation with only the best intentions.

For him, it won’t be about wins and losses, it will be about getting these players back to just having fun playing the game they love. Perhaps, a couple wins will fall in place from there.