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UTEP Football: Bob Stull delays decision on interim head coach

UTEP’s Administration once again shows major ineptitude, and lack of leadership in a difficult situation.

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Bob Stull and the UTEP Athletic department held the normal weekly press conference on Monday and were expected to announce changes to UTEP’s football coaching staff after the departure of Sean Kugler.

Well that didn’t exactly happen.

Lunch was served, Stull took to the podium, but said he still needed time to decide on who would take over for Kugler in interim. He brought out both coordinators Brian Natkin and Tom Mason to talk about WKU, but neither of them knows who will be the head coach Saturday.


Stull wants time to make the right decision was his response.

Memo to Bob Stull: there is no time to think, UTEP plays the two time defending C-USA champs Saturday at home and the players need and deserve answers NOW.

The lack of a decision on Monday is a major disservice to the players who need all hands on deck support and leadership right now. Bob Stull failed the remaining coaches, players, and fans miserably by essentially dragging his feet on what should be a simple decision.

Instead of quickly naming Natkin or Mason the interim so the Miner players can start to move on and think about the week ahead, they are left pondering who will be their head coach for another 24 hours.

Stull even said it’s 50/50 that he would bring someone from the outside, an idea Natkin and Mason respectfully shot down during their media availability.

Clearly the staff is trying to keep things together the best they can, and an outsider would fracture any trust between the current coaches, and players have against UTEP’s administration.

I wrote yesterday the first proper step in this total rebuild is making the right and swift interim move for the now, but Stull is so out of touch he doesn’t realize Brian Natkin has been around longer than any assistant and should be given full control the minute Kugs stepped down.

Who cares that the fans and media have to wait, imagine how the players feel about this, and once again UTEP’s leadership failed to support these young men who needs answers now as seven games still remain.

Check out Stull’s entire press conference below.

UTEP football press conference

Posted by Miner Rush on Monday, October 2, 2017