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beIN Sports draws high praise in initial football broadcast

C-USA’s newest TV partner knocked it out of the park in their college football debut.

There was plenty of skepticism about beIN Sports broadcasting C-USA football games.

But that theory was quickly wiped away early with a solid broadcast of the NMSU-UTEP game which drew rave reviews from fans on social media and on message boards.

Their social media presence, and content throughout the week and game was very encouraging, then came the broadcast which was excellent, and well informed compared to other networks who have covered C-USA football in the past.

Live streaming on Facebook was welcomed with wide open arms by Miners fans who were unable to get to a TV, and drew the same rave views on the UTEP message boards.

No one knew what to expect from beIN, but its safe to say C-USA could have a very strong TV partner with a professional, and knowledgeable group of folks on the front lines.