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UTEP Football will sport new helmets for the NMSU game

****FIRE EMOJIS*****

@_CallMeMarky on Twitter

It looks the UTEP Football equipment staff issued game day equipment to the players ahead of Saturday’s game, and some players took to social media to show off the fresh new helmets.

Gone on this helmet edition is the iconic UTEP logo on the orange lid, replaced by a single pick that has recently made it mark around the program with the practice mid-field logo, and has appeared on some team issued gear as well.

Now the big question is will UTEP debut some new uniforms.

With the grey face mask, and blue helmet combo, UTEP can bust out the all gray unis or reveal a new combo for Saturday.

I’m sure the Orange helmets aren’t officially retired, but the Miner football team could use a small re-branding adjustment when it comes to uniforms and helmets.

Either way its great to see a uniform update, more notably a helmet update that has been needed for years…stay tuned more swag could be coming. (Pray for a white helmet)

This will certainly get the players and fans even more jacked up for Saturday’s game!