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UTEP Basketball unveils new blue uniforms

UTEP Athletics

It's been two full seasons since UTEP basketball has debuted a new uniform set, and today you can add another set to the long standing tradition of UTEP's basketball jerseys.

Matt Willms, Omega Harris, Terry Winn, and Dominic Artis model the uniforms which are dark blue jersey tops, then fade into a lighter blue on the shorts that have a pick axe on the left side of the shorts.

It's been awhile since UTEP wore blue jerseys on the basketball side, going with mainly orange tops and shorts the past couple of seasons, mixed with the all black alternate.

Across the chest is the standard UTEP logo which is back in favor of the modern designs on the last two sets of basketball jerseys.

UTEP also showed off a white and orange set with the same concepts as the blue, but with the solid white and orange set colors.