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UTEP Football: Poise, accuracy, and experience won out in quarterback battle

Sean Kugler talked about the quarterback decision after Tuesday’s practice.

All three of UTEP's quarterbacks vying for the starting job in fall camp displayed flashes of solid starting qualities, but according to Sean Kugler the calmness, accuracy, consistency, and overall poise from Zack Greenlee ended up being the deciding factor.

"All three of them competed the way we wanted them to." Sean Kugler said after Tuesday's practice. "But looking at the overall body of work from a consistency standpoint, from a presence standpoint Zack won that job and we're looking for him to lead our team."

Consistency was a theme for all three quarterbacks as they each had their consistent moments, but it appears the poise, accuracy, and the way he fit in with his new teammates from on the field and off was the separation point.

"He brings a calmness, he was far ahead of the game as far as an accuracy standpoint and not turning the ball over." Kugler said about Greenlee. "But again it was a very close competition and I got a lot of respect for all three guys."

Being in El Paso over the summer, learning the playbook, learning his teammates, and just Greenlee's positive demeanor also played a factor over the past two weeks.

"He has a great demeanor, he was here the entire summer I think that was big for him getting comradery with receivers, tight ends, and running backs." Kugler said. "For a guy coming in and doing that I think he's done an outstanding job."

But Kavika Johnson, and Ryan Metz's roles don't just stop at being a backup quarterbacks, both will see the field in some capacity this season.

Johnson was lining up at wide receiver in UTEP's final scrimmage of camp, and figures to be a change of pace running option with his running abilities in the Wild Cat. Metz has also lined up at wide out as well in his short UTEP career, and Kugler didn’t shy away at the fact that UTEP could use two quarterbacks in games this year.

"I think the Miner fans will see both quarterbacks, Kavika Johnson and Ryan Metz in different capacities." Kugler said Tuesday.

Competition sometimes separates or burns confidence, but this quarterback competition made each quarterback better, and more consistent which was a main goal of offensive coordinator Brent Pease coming out of spring practices.

Each quarterback proved they could win games at UTEP, making each other better, and in turn, making the entire offensive unit better as a whole over the past two weeks, and gives UTEP one of top quarterback depth charts across C-USA.