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UTEP Basketball: Tim Floyd gets fired up talking about recruiting, and college basketball transfers

Things got interesting in a Tuesday press conference.

Tim Floyd met with the El Paso media for the first time since UTEP's final regular season home game to touch on UTEP's latest signing, but also directly addressed a local talk radio host in the process.

Some of the basketball related highlights were

  • UTEP's recruiting is never done, and a walk-on or 6'5-6'6 shooter are still on the radar until the fall.
  • Floyd breaks down every 2016 signee
  • Matt Willms will start a running program over the summer, and is out of his boot
  • Floyd feels they improved their "ability to rebound and protect the basket" with Kelvin Jones, and Roman Silva mixed with Matt Willms
  • Floyd also likes UTEP's depth at the guard spot as well, it also seemed Floyd was pleased with the lineup mix he could use with possibly having three seven footers

In terms of going back to a four guard lineup, Floyd said they will adjust to what they have in the fall, and will more than likely play two big's more with UTEP's three seven foot options.

The main dish of Tuesday's presser was Floyd's (lashing out if you will) at 600 ESPN El Paso's Steve Kaplowitz who along with us was on the forefront of UTEP's roster departures, and other rumors in the past couple of weeks.  Floyd was fired up in the presser that seemed set up by UTEP to address the rumors that were flying around, but instead it turned into a finger pointing session at Kaplowitz by CTF.

It's a definite must listen...