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UTEP Basketball: Josh McSwiggan says he's transferring from UTEP


In a day full of roster movement, UTEP lost another guard who intends to transfer.

In a Twitter post this afternoon, UTEP guard Josh McSwiggan announces he will now transfer from UTEP.

Of course, the talented 6'7 British swing man was in a heated eligibility battle with the NCAA this past season, and had to sit out this past season losing a year of eligibility.  Tim Floyd had said if McSwiggan completed 80% of his graduation plan by his senior year at UTEP, McSwiggan could be granted a fourth year, but now that will have to happen somewhere else.

This latest departure raises even more questions about how UTEP will fill out a competitive roster for the 2016-17 season, but more importantly, what the hell is going on in the Foster-Stevens Complex?

While we may never know those answers, one thing is for sure, this has been one of the worst off-seasons in UTEP basketball history.