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UTEP Basketball: What to expect during the 2016 late signing period

With a number of unknowns, we try to sort through UTEP's options in filling out the 2016-17 roster.

Will the 2016-17 turn into a rebuilding season?  Can UTEP pick up a shooting guard during the late signing period? Can they address the main area of need in the front court?  What is going on with Omega Harris, and what could the outcome mean?

Questions that could/should be answered over the next month as the late signing period gets underway on Wednesday.

Potential options are thin from the outside looking in, but the hope is Tim Floyd & Co. have a few tricks up their sleeve.

The immediate known options at guard are offers out to Chris Barnes, and Perris Hicks who all are still mulling over options.  UTEP still has an offer out to Mike Bibby Jr. but the volume of contact between the coaches and Bibby is not known.

Securing an immediate eligible transfer or a JUCO guard/forward could be another thing we see, keep an eye on Que Johnson who will graduate and transfer out of Washington State. I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that the staff has reached out to Johnson, but can't confirm if that has actually happened.

In addressing the open scholarship in the front court, high school prospect Roman Silva is still uncommitted, and JUCO forward JaCardo Hawkins was offered back in January and still appears to be on the market.   New reports of UTEP involvement with a 2016 big man option has not surfaced.

As far as Harris' status, only two men hold that answer, Omega, and Tim Floyd, so stay tuned on that situation.

Otherwise the next month or until UTEP can fill out the open roster provides a period of more questions marks than open scholarships, and possible options.

2016 Offers

Roman Silva---F/C

JaCardo Hawkins----F (JUCO)

Perris Hicks----SG (JUCO)

Chris Barnes----SG

Mike Bibby Jr.?----PG

Names to watch (Available transfers, no indication of UTEP interest or contact)

Que Johnson---Washington State transfer

Nigel Holly, Forward-----East Tennessee State transfer

Dusan Langura, Guard----Mississippi Valley State transfer

L.J. Rose, Guard----Houston transfer