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CBS Sports Network 1966 Texas Western Special to Air Sunday

Championship of Change Debuts Sunday, Feb. 28 at Noon Eastern Time.

CBS Sports Network presents a special about Texas Western's 1966 National Championship and the impact it had on the sports and cultural landscape in the United States.

The one-hour special airs on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 12:00 NOON, ET on the CBS Sports Network.

Remaining members of the 1966 National Championship team, Tim Floyd, current UTEP players, Nolan Richardson, and Bill Knight of the El Paso Times join host Jack Ford on the panel discussion.

Against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, and for the first time in NCAA Championship history, an all-black starting lineup took the floor for Texas Western and defeated top-ranked and all-white Kentucky on March 19, 1966.

Fifty years later, the 1966 National Championship Game remains one of the most famous in sports history. CBS Sports Network further tells the story of this historic game with participation from members of the 1966 National Champions.

The program also includes interviews with former Kentucky players Pat Riley and Larry Conley.