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UTEP Football: A tour of UTEP’s facilities

UTEP Football players give you a tour of their humble home, and daily facilities used for academic and athletic performance.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Jones, Cooper Foster, Jaquan White, and Dashone Smith give you an inside a look at their locker room and weight room located in the Larry K. Durham Center in the North End zone of the Sun Bowl.

Hayden Plinke shows you UTEP's Union Diner, and Cole Ford, and Kavika Johnson give you a look at the UTEP Miner Village dorm.

And most importantly for Sean Kugler, Tyler Batson, and TK Powell show you around UTEP's MAAC academic hall.

Sean Kugler encourages pride in UTEP’s state-of-the-art facilities equipped with a world class weight room, training room, and locker rooms.  Kugler has added images of Miner greats as well as the wall of success formula which is located in the player’s locker room.

The Miners exclusively use the Durham Center locker rooms for practice and general use.  It features a lounging area set up with a TV and gaming systems according to Smith.

UTEP also uses the south end zone locker room at the Sun Bowl for pre-game and halftime uses during game day.

Prospective recruits interested in UTEP get an inside look at what UTEP has to offer not only on the football side, but the living and academic side of UTEP.

Check it out!

Tour of the weight room

UTEP Union Diner

Larry K. Durham Center

Miner Village

MAAC Center