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Miner Rush Podcast Replay

Lots to cover in a return edition!

The Rush is a podcast brought to you by SB Nation and, with Alex Nicolas and Anthony Salom talking all things UTEP and Conference USA sports.

After a hiatus, we're back!

We'll start with some UTEP basketball talk and break down the recent four game winning streak and give some overall thoughts on the stretch before the win streak as well.  We look at the next two weeks and what is at stake heading into the home stretch of the season with some important games looming.

An interesting message board topic on whether the 1966 Texas Western jerseys should be respectfully retired after the 50th anniversary is also brought up on this edition.

We then touch on UTEP football's coaching changes and how we feel about each hire, and a little insight on what we expect from Brent Pease's offense..  We also look at the potential of the class of 2016 that was recently signed and talk about how the new coaches have positively affected recruiting.