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Conference USA Basketball: The Tim Floyd Standings

Road wins are important, but do they reflect the 2016 C-USA standings?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Through the years, Tim Floyd's teams are constantly drilled about the importance of winning on the road during conference play.

Enter the Tim Floyd standings.

This metric (if you will) separates the men from the boys, and tells a story of one's conference record, or in this case their current standings and trajectory a little past the half way point of the conference schedule.

So this is how it works, plus-1-point for a road win, minus-1 point for a home loss, 0-points for a home win or a road loss.

Here is how the conference stacks up according to Floyd's system.

Team Overall Record C-USA Record C-USA Home Record C-USA Road Record +/-
UAB 20-4 10-1 7-0 3-1 +3
Middle Tennessee 17-6 9-2 6-0 3-2 +3
Marshall 12-12 8-3 4-1 4-2 +3
Old Dominion 13-10 6-4 2-3 4-1 +1
LA Tech 17-6 6-4 4-1 2-3 +1
UTEP 13-11 5-6 5-1 0-5 -1
FIU 11-13 5-6 2-3 3-3 0
North Texas 9-14 4-6 3-2 1-4 -1
Charlotte 8-15 4-6 2-3 2-3 -1
Southern Miss. 7-14 4-6 3-2 1-4 -1
Western Kentucky 12-12 4-7 2-2 2-5 0
FAU 6-18 4-7 3-1 1-6 0
Rice 8-15 3-7 3-2 0-5 -2
UTSA 4-20 2-9 2-5 0-4 -5

It maybe a little too early to determine who is the true winner of the Floyd system, but one thing is clear, majority of C-USA teams have struggled on the road.

UAB has yet to play more than five games on the road, and will be tested this week with their southern road swing which could have an impact on the standings after this weekend.

Meanwhile FAU has already played seven road games, and will play five of their last seven at home.

Old Dominion had been pretty dominant at home in their first two years in C-USA, but now the tables have turned and their road wins are keeping them at bay in the conference standings.

Over the next few weeks, the Floyd Standings will surely shape up the top four seeds, as well as the conference champion depending on how Middle Tennessee and UAB fare on their road trips this weekend.

In UTEP's case there is no denying the struggles on the road. 0-5 in conference play, and 0-7 overall.  Even with UTEP's two wins last weekend, the Miners are on the outside looking in due to their inability to win on the road.

This proves taking care of business at home, and stealing games on the road helps in a big way when it comes to seedings, and regular season conference championship hopes.