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Aaron Jones is NFL ready in so many ways

The consensus response among UTEP fans reacting to Aaron Jones’ chase of his NFL dreams is mostly the same, he’s ready.

At his press conference on Saturday at the Larry K. Durham Center Jones displayed why he’s ready.

Although it’s not really the thousands of yards he’s ran up and down the Sun Bowl turf, or all the touchdowns, stiff-arms, highlight reel runs, Twitter love, or patent point to the sky moments after a big play that showed he’s ready.

Jones has the biggest, and strongest support foundation an NFL draft prospect could build, which mixed with his natural football talents will ensure Aaron’s decision is timely, and the right move.

First off his agent representation is A-1 with the great Leigh Steinberg who recognizes Aaron’s total package stock along with his football talents that will be sold to NFL teams over the next few months.

Then, his faith, family, and overall worth ethnic, and model-human-being characteristics round out why Jones is prepared for the exciting journey of NFL success.

Aaron has always talked about how big of an impact his parents and family have in his life, and Saturday was about them too even though the bright lights shined on Aaron. That family support system Aaron has in his corner is purely genuine, and could give anyone watching that special moment an emotional feel on how close knit they are.

Finally, Sean Kugler is a guy Aaron’s father Alvin Sr. called his brother, and had to be the first to tell his star player to live out his dream now, just like Kugler promised he would.

Kugler knows the longevity of NFL running backs is a short one, and Kugler deserves a lot of credit for Jones’ development as a football player, and man.

According to his agents, any player who does not receive a first or second round grade is automatically told to go back to school, but Aaron has polished attributes NFL teams are coveting in this deep stable of 2017 draft eligible running backs.

Jones’ breakaway speed, his ability to be a difference maker in the passing game, and his character, along with his faith and family driven support system will be things NFL teams will be looking for between rounds two and four.

Also, we’ve never seen him do it, but Jones could also develop into a kick/punt returner with his dual threat skills.

Of course, Jones will have to answer questions from almost NFL organization about his DUI arrest, but he and others will also mention the numerous charity deeds Jones has given back to El Paso even before his stardom began as the face of UTEP’s football program.

There are plans for future scholarship initiatives with UTEP and even locally outside of UTEP in Aaron’s name coming from his heart and hard work efforts in order to give back to his city and university. Showing the maturity of bringing his whole community with him on his journey, rather than leaving UTEP, and El Paso in dust.

He’s ready, in many ways other than X’s, and O’s.

Running, cutting, and making defenders look foolish is just part of the Aaron Jones story explaining why he’s great. Him praying with his father, and pastor after his press conference today showed again, he’s ready in more ways than just football.

Good luck Aaron.