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UTEP Basketball: Miners handed more adversity

If the losses weren't enough, the UTEP basketball team was dealt a huge blow on Tuesday.

The father of freshman guard Tim Cameron passed away on Christmas Day, and junior forward Jake Flaggert is battling through a broken nose.

Tim Floyd told the El Paso Times on Tuesday Cameron's father Scott Cameron passed away on Christmas morning and was allowed a leave of absence from basketball activities.

"We've told Tim to take as long as he needs with his family," Tim Floyd told the Times. "We obviously send our condolences to him and his family. We feel bad for the young man."

Flaggert will play through his broken nose as according to the Times he hasn't missed practice, but will visit with doctors to see whether surgery is necessary now, or at the end of the season.

This marks the third broken nose the team has suffered as Ivan Venegas dealt with one early in the season, and Matt Willms continues to battle through his current broken nose.

UTEP travels to Las Cruces on Thursday and will practice in Las Cruces Thursday ahead of Friday's round two matchup with the Aggies.