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Five Turning Points Led To A Five OT Win For UTEP

In a game full of twists and turns, five plays swung the pendulum to UTEP’s direction.

A win is a win, but capitalizing off your opponents mistakes is key in a five overtime game right?

Here are five plays that either the Miners earned, or were gifted a W in a Power Ranking order.

1) Brady Jones drops the money

Dalton Sturm was rolling.

He picked up 24-yards on back-to-back plays, and the UTEP defense looked lost.

After a 12-yard completion to Josh Stewart following a 12-yard gain on a QB draw. UTSA offensive coordinator Frank Scelfo drew up the perfect call to move the Runners into field goal range with the W in sight.

But...Brady Jones, who had a huge catch to extend a late first half scoring drive, dropped what would have been either a touchdown, a first down inside the 20, or even inside the 10 yard line on a deep middle route that found a gaping hole in the UTEP zone.

UTSA then all of a sudden went conservative on second, and third down thus settling for overtime.

Jones found redemption later in the overtime with a sick touchdown catch, but the game really shouldn’t have even gone into overtime.

2) Brent Pease salvages hope with the Trick Play

This scoring drive looked to be in early trouble with the Miners down 28-21 late in the third quarter. But Ryan Metz was almost perfect on third down passing situations and hit his former high school teammate Eddie Sinegal for a first down on third-and-five.

Then Brent Pease saved us all from a sadden Saturday night drunken rampage.

Kavika Johnson has been used all over the place this season, but was used most effectively on the trick play in where he hit Walter Dawn for a lonnngggg 74-yard touchdown.

I felt maybe Aaron Jones would pop one again on this drive, but Pease took control and lit a huge fire on the Miners’ sideline, and for the UTEP fans inside the Alamodome.

UTEP’s defense responded in the fourth quarter, and UTEP is now 2-0 in San Antonio.

3) Alvin Jones slams the door on a third down

After a Miner three-and-out, UTSA’s first shot inside the final five minutes to take the lead was stuffed by Alvin Jones.

Jones came off the edge, and planted Jarveon Williams on a third-and-five, forcing a 51-yard field goal try.

Victor Falcon was just short on the miss, and if Williams gains one or two more yards, UTSA would have led 31-28 with three minutes left.

4) Frank Wilson settles for a field goal?

In the fifth and final overtime, Dalton Sturm came up with a huge 14-yard scramble on a third-and-long, setting up a fourth and maybe a yard, or even less.

Wilson instead rolled out Falcon for a 33-yard field goal, when going for it on fourth down could have been the power move to grab some momentum.

The cards say get your points, but after Sturm’s big play, I feel you ride that energy from your offensive leader with a gutsy call.

UTSA came out throwing the kitchen sink and more on both sides of the ball, but avoided the heavily favored odds in that situation of trying grab a touchdown to open the final overtime.

5) Falcon misses in OT

UTEP fumbled away a golden chance.

A snap issue right on the the goal line doorstep gave UTSA possession in the fourth overtime, refreshing UTSA’s bowl hopes.

Frank Wilson was asked after the game if he thought about just kicking the field goal on first down after the fumble, but it didn’t really matter since UTSA went nowhere on their first three downs.

The past two seasons have seen UTSA experience kicking game problems, although Falcon seemed to be the remedy for those special teams shortcomings.

UTEP fans befriended Mr. Falcon who missed a shot at being a hero.

Bonus: Metz Magic

For the second time in his career, Metz rolled right, and hit a diving receiver who made an outstanding catch to win a game in overtime.

Wins are a beautiful thing, five overtime wins are something else...

Jon Teicher’s final touchdown call

Other notable moments:

  • Aaron Jones’ acrobatic touchdown catch in overtime
  • Walter Dawn’s overtime touchdown run
  • Dashone Smith’s INT
  • Devin Cockrell laying fools out
  • Sean Kugler jokingly saying he was ticked because “the game cut into his drinking time”