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Bookie unsuccessfully tried to recruit 'unnamed' UTEP basketball players in point shaving scheme

McKenzie Moore

UTEP graduate Michael Karpus was in federal court today and pled guilty for his knowledge of a local gambling ring that involved former UTEP basketball players Jalen Ragland, McKenzie Moore, and Justin Crosgile.

The El Paso Times reports prosecutors revealed the bookie who pleaded guilty, 26-year old Michael Karpus "unsuccessfully attempted to recruit an unidentified player into a point-shaving scheme."

According to federal prosecutors, all three former players placed bets on a number of different sports, including college basketball. But once again, the feds say the players were not involved in point shaving, and still have not disclosed if the players bet on their own games.

Moore, Ragland, and Crosgile have certainly moved on with Moore and Crosgile both receiving professional basketball opportunities' over the past couple of years after they left UTEP.

The FBI also applauded UTEP officials and head basketball coach Tim Floyd for their swift actions once Floyd received the gambling information.

“In a misguided effort to continue winning, generate revenue, and protect their reputation, some athletic programs and organizations attempt to cover up, downplay, or minimize allegations of criminal activity, whether that be illegal gambling, drug trafficking, or sexual abuse allegations," said Douglas Lindquist, the FBI special agent in charge in El Paso. "The El Paso community should be proud of the actions taken by UTEP officials in this particular case. Any prudent university should follow the example of UTEP once it becomes aware of alleged criminal activity involving its athletes.”

Karpus pleaded guilty to having "knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, to wit, the operation of an illegal gambling business." The FBI investigation revealed the ring took place from November 2013, until Mid-January 2014.

Neither Moore, Ragland, nor Crosgile have been charged criminally in this matter.

The news today closes the final "Gamble Gate" chapter which brought up many questions into what exactly went down, but today's court proceedings answered plenty of those questions with the close of the criminal investigation into the bookie's wrong doing.