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The Rush is a podcast brought to you by SB Nation and, with Alex Nicolas and Anthony Salom talking all things UTEP and Conference USA sports.

After a much needed bye week, UTEP football gets back to footballing this weekend.

We take a look at the changes Sean Kugler said took place during the bye, and nibble on what we liked the best, and discuss if it will work. We also pose the job security question and if Sean Kugler is fighting for his job from pressure from above, or is it his own pressure of the three year promise which could lead to his exit.

Our bud Jared Kalmus from Underdog Dynasty will also join us around the 20-minute mark to preview the UTSA game, and talk a little C-USA football.

UTEP basketball hosts their first public outing on Saturday in the Orange and White scrimmage. We'll give a quick preview of the scrimmage, but we first look at the newest members of UTEP's 2017 recruiting class and how they fit for the future and we also discuss who we think signs early.