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Recapping UTEP's Defensive Coordinator Happenings

A wild day in UTEPia.

NFL Photos/Getty Images

A wild day in UTEP football history, two defensive coordinators turned down opportunities in consecutive days, leaving UTEP in search of their third defensive coordinator candidate of the week.

It all started yesterday as Jeff Casteel was offered the job, but ended up turning down the offer at the last minute according to sources, leaving plenty of questions in the air.

Then this morning more chaos ensued.

We found out this morning that Ken Flajole was going to be announced as defensive coordinator, and UTEP officially announced the hiring in a press release around 1:00 p.m.

Then about a few minutes before the 2:00 p.m. presser, Bob Stull confirmed to sources that Flajole was going to take an offer to be an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Eagles instead.

Sean Kugler confirmed this at the podium, and stated UTEP has a back-up plan and plans to interview other candidates this weekend.

Kugler had this to say about Flajole taking the Eagles job

Ken is  a friend of mine, somebody that I respect, and he's got an opportunity to fulfill his NFL retirement, and I'm certainly not going to be the guy that stands in the way of that happening. Very happy for him, and excited for him.  Just know this, I have a plan in place, I have a backup plan, had one all along. We'll be interviewing defensive coordinators throughout the weekend, and hopefully have some in place Monday out of that list.

No word on who is on that list.