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Say what? Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bielema talks UTEP

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema addressed the media on Monday here are his highlighted quotes.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

"Looking at playing a lot of guys. I think UTEP brings a lot very, very unique challenges.  They obviously settled in at quarterback with Leftwich, a guy that I think can run it around a little bit. Reading some articles that have came out of their camp, they got a Miner package with big people as well."

"They had some initial punt block issues last year, they switched to their left footed kicker to be their punter.  Sounds like they may have a freshman doing a little bit there with the punting game."

"They have a very good running back (Aaron Jones), that rushed I think to close to 1,500 yards. Very elusive player, very tough runner.  Good player on film.

"They've got an experienced offensive line. Coach (Kugler) in his experience was an offensive line coach. He's put that point of emphasis on their program and you can see that its a big part of what they are trying to build there."

"Defensively they bring a lot of different pressures, in a lot of different varieties, and a lot of different ways.  They have some experienced players, their linebacker #10 I think is kind of their go to guy. They got some secondary that's been banged up a little bit, it will be interesting to see how they lineup."

On Arkansas'defense

" It's a defense built on a system, not a name.  If you get eleven players buying into the system, and let their personalities come out individually within the system, you're going to have good results.  I think we have enough good players for that to happen."

On Autrey Golden

"Yeah, very explosive. He does a lot individually but they have a nice scheme, a nice system.  I think the biggest think you have to be able to do is they want to dictate where that ball is going to.  They are going to attack your coverage system so I think we have to be smart about that in the kickoff return game, and in the punt return game."

More on Aaron Jones

"I was trying to kind of put a comparison to anybody that we see in our league.  But he's tough, he gets the yards that he's supposed to get.  I think he does a really nice job of running behinds his pads.  Again I think it will be a point of emphasis because this is what they want to do.  I think he'll probably be better about what he did a year ago. He breaks tackles, he has a lot of yards after contact.   I think the part that we have to do is your always concerned about in early ball games is tackling.  And that's probably our biggest concern."

On if UTEP's offensive scheme is close to what Arkansas does

"To a certain extent,  there's definitely a lot plays especially near the goal, short yardage that looks exactly.  That's why for us during fall camp, I think a lot of our preparation about good on good was beneficial because it carried into UTEP so well.  They started doing this Miner formation with seven offensive lineman on the field, some things we've done in the past.  Not surprising with coaches background, an offensive line coach in the NFL, and everything.  You can tell where they want to go."