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NCAA Implements Women's Basketball Rules Changes, Moves to Four Quarters

In an attempt to improve the flow and atmosphere of the game, the NCAA rules committee has implemented various rule changes to the women's basketball game.

Beginning in the upcoming 2015-16 college basketball season, women's college basketball will make the move to playing 4-10 minute quarters, as oppose to 2-20 minute halves.

According to the NCAA release, the NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Committee feels that it will "enhance the flow of the game".

Along with the change in timing, comes a change to when teams will reach the free throw shooting bonus. In years past, teams would shoot the 1 and 1 bonus following seven team fouls by the opposition. They would shoot two shoots at the tenth team foul.

Teams will now shoot two shots following the fifth team foul in each quarter. Team fouls will reset after each quarter, unlike resetting at the half in the past. If a team reaches the bonus in the fourth quarter though, they will remain in the bonus for the rest of the game, including any overtimes.

Another major rule change, involves being able to advance the ball into the frontcourt in various situations with under 1:00 left on the clock in the fourth quarter. Teams can advance after a made basket, rebound or change of possession by using an immediate timeout. The ball would then be inbounded at the 28 foot mark.

Other rule tweaks included added exceptions to the 10 second backcourt violation, post defense, and music and band play during game play. Media and regular timeout rule changes will be discussed later this month. To read the entire release by the NCAA, click here.

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