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MinerRush Podcast Replay

An off-season edition of the best UTEP sports related podcast on the earth.

The Rush is a podcast brought to you by SB Nation and, talking all things UTEP and Conference USA sports.

In this episode, Alex Nicolas and Anthony Salom talk about the recent off-season happenings in both UTEP football and UTEP basketball.

The first half is all UTEP football, from scheduling, to glaring questions about the 2015 season, and the ongoing quarterback battle.

In the latter part of the show, we cover all things UTEP basketball to the recent interviews we did with the newcomers, to the come and gone NBA Draft, and also we talk about how much of an impact Dominic Artis will have on this team.

Make sure to stay tuned to MinerRush for coverage of all things UTEP sports. Also, make sure to  on Twitter and as always don't forget to like our Facebook Page. Picks Up, and Go Miners!

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