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Houston Chronicle: UTEP to pay athletes $3,100 this upcoming school year

UTEP will rank in the top five in the state when it comes to COA payouts according to the Houston Chronicle.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Chronicle took a close look at cost of attendance payouts for college athletes at Texas' major colleges.

The Chronicle says UTEP will pay athletes $3,100 this upcoming school year, ranking UTEP fifth out of the twelve Texas schools profiled, although three schools' amounts were not figured out.

Texas Tech will pay out $5,100, TCU $4,700, Texas $4,310, and Baylor $3,882 making them the only Texas schools ahead of UTEP in COA payouts according to the Chronicle.

UTSA is projected to payout $2,500, while Rice and North Texas' figures were unavailable.

Attention recruits: UTEP will payout more than Texas A&M ($2,706), SMU ($2,700) and Houston ($2,994), the only school missing on the list was Texas State, Texas Southern was included in the report, but no figures were reported.

How will this effect recruiting, not only nationally but among the four C-USA Texas schools who now seem to be fully recruiting against each other pretty heavily for the class of 2016 in football and in basketball?