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Best of the past week in links and tweets

Best of the past week in links and tweets.

Alex Nicolas (SB Nation)

Best links

SB Nation's Kevin Trahan ranked UTEP #20 on his hell raisin defense's from last season.

Former UTEP linebacker Horace Miller was signed by the Oakland Raiders.

The Fresno Bee featured a one-on-one interview with former Miner, and current Buffalo Bill Wesley Miller.

Metta World Peace went into full Queens Bridge, Ron Artest mode in an Italian league playoff game, his target? Former Miner great Julyan Stone.

Comcast Chicago featured Vince Hunter in a pre-draft profile, and how we would fit with the Chicago Bulls.

Four UTEP track athletes will compete in the NCAA Championships at the NCAA West Preliminaries.

UTEP was awarded a $5 Milion grant by NASA to develop the next generation of rocket engines using liquid methane.

Best Tweets