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My top 5 UTEP related YouTube Videos

When its slow in the off-season, most of us hit YouTube for our UTEP fix, here are my top 5 go to UTEP related YouTube Videos.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


I was three years old when this actually happened, but I get goosebumps watching this gem of UTEP history till this day. The best part is when Teich says at the end, "Davis shoots, why? And he HITS IT!!!!" then everyone goes crazy. #Classic


One of the best, well put together intro videos EVER by the UTEP Athletics department moved into the #2 spot once they released it before this past basketball season.


Don Haskins and his 1985-86 UTEP Miners knocked off Georgetown in the Don.  It was three years before I was born, but thanks to this video I learned about the Amen Chant, and this video shows how wild the Special Events Center would get.


2006, Mike Price's Miners host nationally ranked and offensively stacked out Texas Tech in a game me and my close friends still talk about.  I was in my freshman year of college listening to Teich through an Abilene AM radio station in my dorm room with a fellow El Pasoan and UTEP Fan and it felt like we were there.  Teich was on his All-American game on the call, and despite the heartbreaking loss, this was definitely the peak of the UTEP football excitement of mid-2000s and game to remember even though UTEP took a tough L.  Johnnie Lee was a beast...


This one features one of my favorite UTEP basketball teams I was able to watch in person.  This video really just shows how heated the old WAC rivalries of the mid-2000s were.  I hated Nevada, Nick Fazekas, Ramon Sessions, Mo Charlo, Kevin Pickney, and Jermaine Washington were all assholes in my book during those days haha.  OT was having none of Washington's antics, I was at this game in section N, and it was a close loss by UTEP, but one of the most physical, intense conference games I've ever seen in the Don.

Have a favorite not mentioned? Leave it in the comment section.