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UTEP Football: Three Endings Versus Middle Tennessee Sent UTEP Bowling

With both teams at 6-5 and only one guaranteed a bowl berth, this game had not one, not two, but three endings.

As I was going through my phone to print out some of the millions of pictures I have of my two little girls I came across these three videos. They are not professional ESPN cameras, and as a matter of fact someone should teach me how to properly hold a camera while drunk.  I thought it would be neat to share them with you guys and relive the moment through my camera lens.

Let's first set the stage.

In the closest thing to resemble a home playoff game in the Sun Bowl  things seemed very bleak for UTEP.

Middle Tennessee was driving and only a miracle could bail out UTEP, Middle had been lights out in close games all year especially with the ball in the final possession to decide the outcome.

Then just like that Jameel Erving single-handedly saved the UTEP season with the "play of the year century."

After a three and out UTEP punted the ball to midfield. Austin Grammer and the Blue Raiders have 17 seconds to travel 50 yards and score the go-ahead TD. This is around the time things got a little bit whacky.

Here we go take one.

After a lot of confusion, it turned out the game wasn't over and MTSU would get a redo.

Grammer would would be flagged for an illegal forward pass on first down, which the officials originally ruled a ten second run off that would end the game since once the play was over there was only 10 ticks left.

Though after review, the officials would overturn that, and MT would lose only four yards and face a 2nd and 14 from the UTEP 46.

Here's take two.

More confusion than I can handle it appears we won again but the refs are enjoying this one too much

The very next play, Grammer fired a clear incomplete pass to Ed'Marques Batties that Batties would lateral to a fellow MT receiver who in turn took it inside the UTEP 24.

Somehow someway, the zebras ruled it a catch and first down at the UTEP 24 yard line, but after the reality of a review, the ball was placed back on the MT 46 yard line for one final gasp with five seconds left.

By the third time, I am so disoriented that my video shows the effects of too many $8 beers. I apologize for the bad quality but if you turn your computers or phones sideways you can kind of see what I was trying to record. Here is take three.

This was done mostly with the out of town Miners in mind. I know watching a UTEP game on TV is not the same as being inside the stadium with your fellow friends and family. I promise to take better videos and post them up in the upcoming season for all the loyal Miners who are not able to enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside the Sun Bowl.