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Late signing period open thread

Tons of questions, and just two scholarships remain as the late signing period gets underway today.

With some recent 2015 targets committing elsewhere in the past few days, the finishing touches to the class of 2015 just became a little cloudier, and harder to predict.

Tyson Jolly committed to Cal, and Bakari Evelyn committed to Nebraska, taking a pair of top guard targets off the market.

Who does UTEP grab? Who does UTEP need? Will there be a surprise signee?

The Miners have one un-signed commit in Josh McSwiggan who is expected to sign during the late period, leaving two scholarships unaccounted for at the moment.

Here are the names that should be considered officially out.

Melvin Frazier

Jashire Hardenette

Tyson Jolly

Bakari Evelyn

Here are possible signees names with offers and interest.

Ke’Jhan Feagin

Olin Carter

Christian Cunningham

Lindsey Drew

Ty Toney

Jon Davis

Conor Clifford

Isaiah Maurice


2015 Signees/Commits

Paul Thomas-signed LOI

Christian Romine-signed LOI

Lee Moore-signed LOI

Josh McSwiggan-solid verbal

The signing period starts today, and lasts through May 20th.

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