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UTEP basketball: Q&A with 2015 commit Josh McSwiggan

We caught up with UTEP's latest 2015 commit, as CTF and staff are going far and beyond the usual recruiting pipelines.

There were plenty of unknowns when 2015 swing man Josh McSwiggan out of Great Britain committed to UTEP.

But today he fills us in a little more.

The athletic 6'7 wing is an athletic, high energy, and highly productive player out of the UK that brings a highly sophisticated skill set, and character to the program.

Playing with Charnwood College in the UK, McSwiggan has put up some monster games as of late Including a 33 point, 17 rebound, and five steal effort on March 19th.

Josh fills us in on his recruitment to UTEP and the experience of his official visit a few weeks ago..

MinerRush: How did you come in contact with UTEP, and were there any other U.S. college basketball programs that showed interest?

Josh McSwiggan: I came in contact with UTEP from a contact who knows about UTEP who sent out my mixed tape to some colleges that would suit my style of play and where I would benefit from both an academic and basketball point of view. He said that the school had a very good program with a long history. I had other colleges interested but Coach Cantu and Coach Floyd were the first to call me personally and ask me to go out. Colleges such as, Oregon State, Stonybrook, UC Fullerton, North Dakota State. There were other colleges interested, but I was really impressed with the facilities and the coaches here at UTEP.

MinerRush: What were your first thoughts when you arrived in El Paso, and also when you saw UTEP play in the Don Haskins Center?

Josh McSwiggan: Very friendly people, beautiful countryside, very quiet considering it is such a big place. The players and staff at both basketball and the college academic sides made me fell very welcome and at home. I was very impressed with the standard of basketball and the commitment from the coaches and the enthusiasm of the fans. The Don Haskins Centre is a fantastic arena to play in, there is nothing like it in the UK. I am looking forward to be able to go out there in front of all those home fans and contribute both offensively and defensively and be part of a great team.

MinerRush: What do you feel are your best basketball skills that can help UTEP?

Josh McSwiggan: I feel that my three point shooting will help, my athleticism will also contribute to both ends of the floor, offensively being able to get to the basket and my versatility in defense.

MinerRush: What was the experience like playing and representing your country on the Great Britain national team?

Josh McSwiggan: It was the proudest moment any sportsman can have. It was great to be able to represent your country against other nations with high basketball pedigree such as France and Spain. It was at a far higher level than I expected but it was very pleasing to be able to contribute to the team and to better myself.

MinerRush: What do you plan on studying at UTEP?

Josh McSwiggan: I am still unsure of what to study at UTEP, at least I have some time to decide to select my major, in the UK you have to decide before you apply for college. My thoughts are either business with finance or something related to sports.

MinerRush: From watching U.S. College basketball live in person, what part of your game do you think you will have to adjust or improve to fit in the US college game?

Josh McSwiggan: The level of physicality is a lot higher in the US, the game is a lot faster than the UK. Getting used to the amount of spectators watching and the level of interest that they take in the game. The climate in El Paso will take getting used to as the UK is a lot cooler and wetter.

MinerRush: What was the main deciding factor in your decision to come to UTEP?

Josh McSwiggan: I feel that UTEP have a great coaching staff and they will get the best out of me and help me to develop into a pro athlete along with giving me a good education for the future after basketball. UTEP has a real friendly and family feel to the academic and basketball programming. The people are very friendly and are very interested in their basketball. UTEP has a great history and it will be amazing to be a part of that. It has always been a dream of mine to play college basketball and UTEP will make that dream come true.