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UTEP basketball: Josh McSwiggan’s appeal denied by NCAA, to lose a year of eligibility

The NCAA upheld their decision, costing freshman Josh McSwiggan a year of eligibility.

600 ESPN El Paso's Steve Kaplowitz has confirmed that the NCAA has denied Josh McSwiggan's appeal on his eligibility issue meaning the 6'7 British swingman will not play for UTEP this season, and will lose a year of eligibility.

As explained in a Pick Axe Social article, in England you have 13-years of grade school compared to 12-years in the US which the NCAA considers a delayed enrollment and will force him to lose a year of eligibility.

UTEP Assistant Coach Bob Cantu was quoted in the article as saying McSwiggan has a 3.0 GPA, and scored a 1000 on his SAT which is not the issue.  The NCAA thinks the extra year of grade school in the UK means McSwiggan should lose a year of eligibility which is why Tim Floyd has been quoted as saying the rule shouldn't apply to McSwiggan.  (Insert personal thoughts below)

He can still practice as he has done since recovering from knee surgery, but will now only have three years of eligibility as a Miner after sitting out this season.

Tim Floyd or the UTEP Athletic Department have yet to release an official statement on the latest ruling.  Floyd is scheduled to meet with the media this afternoon.