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UTEP Football: Who could be UTEP’s next set of coordinators?

Word on the street is that they are “in place”, but who could they be?

Former Washington wide receivers coach Brent Pease
Former Washington wide receivers coach Brent Pease
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a full month since UTEP reportedly parted ways with former coordinators Patrick Higgins and Scott Stoker, and not a single name with substance has been leaked other than UTEP's new wide receivers coach.

So who is going to lead the offense and defense in 2016 and beyond?

Disclaimer: This isn't an official candidate list that has been confirmed in anyway, just some names to think about.

Offensive coordinator

Brent Pease

The former Florida offensive coordinator, and most recent, University of Washington wide receivers coach fits the mold of Kugler's first hires.

Personal connections that go back to the Boise State days under Chris Peterson, and a run heavy approach to his play calling as seen at Florida make him the only name on this list that is more than 70 percent possible.

Pease was recently let go by Peterson at Washington making him currently available.

UTEP would be the perfect place to pick up the pieces after some recent unsuccessful runs at some legit programs.

Mark Mangino

This would be a reach, but its another "name" looking for a job.

According to sources, the offensive coordinator hire is impressive, and like Pease, Mangino could fall under that notion.

A look back at some history shows no strong ties between Magino and Kugler, but the need for a hire of his celebrity (if you will) would classify Magino has an impressive hire.

Chris Strausser

Another Kugler connection who just makes sense.

Strausser was Boise State's offensive line coach for 12 years in two different stints, and has a solid offensive line reputation.

He was Boise State's run game coordinator from 2007-2009, but has hasn't been an offensive coordinator since 1999.

His resume as an offensive line coach is pretty impressive, but I would think developing quarterbacks could be a bigger need.

Clarence McKinney

McKinney is a Kevin Sumlin disciple, and one of the top offensive recruiters in all of college football.

His daughter Lulu plays for Keitha Adams at UTEP, but other than that, no direct Kugler or UTEP connections exists.

McKinney called plays in the 2013 Cotton Bowl for Texas A&M and is currently their running backs coach.

Dan Hawkins

He was a candidate for the job Kugler currently holds, and isn't committed to a job as of right now.

For fun, lets also throw his name under the defensive coordinator position, but has had more success as a tight ends coach, and the offensive numbers some of his Boise State teams put up.

His tenure at Colorado was sour, but they did have respectable (I guess you can say) defensive numbers under his watch.

Another reach name I'm pulling out, but not far fetched.

Defensive coordinator

Brian Young

Yes the former Miner legend Brian Young.

He's currently in the NFL as the New Orleans Saints outside linebackers coach.

I would almost guarantee we could see Young on Kugler's staff in some capacity in 2016, and the trust Kugler would have with Young would be pretty deep in a lot of areas.

I doubt he has any strong and immediate recruiting ties as he's been mainly involved with the Saints since his NFL playing days came to a close, but has been apart of the Saints coaching staff the past seven years.

He's had different duties as a position coach, but I'm sure he has a defensive playbook drawn up some where.

Robert Rodriguez

Rodriquez has plenty of experience as a player and coach, and was a key El Paso recruiter in his time under Kugler.

He left UTEP to assist Andre Patterson coach the Minnesota Vikings defensive line, and would bring that "young and upcoming hire energy" to the UTEP defensive meeting room.

Fans would love this hire, but would Rodriguez be ready for a coordinator job at this stage in his very promising coaching career?

Andre Patterson

Another reach hire, but with Jeff Choate out of the picture, Patterson would bring actual defensive coordinator experience. and course he knows the lay of the utepia land.

The Vikings have one of the more notable defenses in the NFL this year, and has experience in running a 4-3 in college which UTEP appears to be looking at scheme wise.

He was known for recruiting suitable defensive lineman, something that could be attractive to Kugler.

Steve Caldwell

Caldwell is currently the Boise State defensive line coach and assistant head coach under Bryan Harsin.

He was with Harsin at Arkansas State, but hasn't been a defensive coordinator since the 90's.

A perfect fit for the type of program Kugler is running in my opinion who could bring an old school approach, and is another defensive line recruiting wiz.

Ed Orgeron

Talk about a dream hire.

My guessing trends on who it could be for the defensive side has been really focused on the defensive line, and Orgeron fits that category and would be HUGE name.

Orgeron was named the #2 recruiting by Sporting News in 2012 and is currently LSU's defensive line coach.

Not sure if UTEP could afford him, but he would be more than a perfect fit at UTEP in a bunch of ways.

Also he recently said he didn't want to leave LSU for another assistant job, but fun to dream about right?

Chad Glasgow

Glasgow was promoted to co-defensive coordinator at TCU under Gary Patterson, and is one of the best safeties coach in college football.

He is taking over at defensive coordinator for TCU in their bowl game after co-anchor DeMonite Cross left for Missouri, so you would figure he would be in line for the job long-term at TCU.

If Kugler wants to get away from the 4-2-5 which he mildly hinted at in his comments on the previous coordinator departures, Glasgow may not be the guy, but again this is just for funzies.

His reputation for coaching defensive backs, and experience screams must hire, but another long shot.

Finding a compatible name(s) for the defensive side was tough because we really don't know what UTEP wants to do scheme wise.

I would put my money on Pease for OC, but we'll have to wait a few more weeks for the official word.