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UTEP to the Mountain West rumors come to life, again

Here we go, again.

CBS Sports senior college football columnist  Dennis Dodd published a report just a few moments ago saying Rice and UTEP are being mentioned as possible Mountain West expansion candidates, again for the like the......I lost count time.

Heard it all before right?

According to Dodd multiple sources are bringing up UTEP and Rice during regularly scheduled Mountain West meetings this weekend.  A big draw according to the report is Rice's academic reputation, mixed with UTEP's obvious perfect geography fit to the MWC.

But is it just another sale of past dated conference realignment wolf tickets?

Two things in the report sort of stand out making this another UTEP-to-the-Mountain-West-here-we-go-again-moment.

The revenue splitting MWC schools will have to adjust to with 14-teams, and the quoted source saying "I don't think it's any point where they're going vote on it right now."  It's cool to hear UTEP being mentioned in this light, but.....we've heard this before right?

So are we supposed to believe this, or is this another heard it all before moment in the storied UTEP to the MWC talk archives?

BUT if it does happen, I could see a UTEP-C-USA breakup kinda going down like this after years of rumors.....