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UTEP Football: Final Report Card, Quarterbacks

Some ups, some downs, some injuries, but the future looks to be okay.

High Points: Ryan Metz's OT triumph at NMSU, Emergence of Wide Receivers, Freshmen duo sees lots of playing time.

Low Points: Mack Leftwich's injuries, inconsistencies, FIU game


We all know it will be rare for a UTEP quarterback to throw for more than 3,000 yards, and average big time numbers in the past three seasons.

But what UTEP's 2015 quarterbacks did for the most part was execute the offense (depending on which offensive game-plan was used) and did a pretty good job of protecting the ball.

Mack Leftwich led the pack in passing yards, quarterback rating, and touchdowns, but advanced stats tell a positive story of UTEP's overall 2015 passing game.

The Miners rank 42nd in the nation when it comes to passing IsoPPP which measures explosive plays, although the negative is UTEP's passing game ranked 121st in the nation when it comes to S&P+.

Leftwich showed a few glimpses of promise, but his size, and struggles in accuracy throwing down field could be the biggest knocks in his overall play this season.

Both Metz, and Johnson had their share of freshman moments, but both have the tools to grow into suitable starters depending on where UTEP wants to go with the offense from a scheme standpoint.

The most positive part of UTEP's quarterback play was the emergence of a few wide receivers who can steadily develop into legit weapons over the next couple of seasons.  You can also throw tight end Hayden Plinke in that mix as Leftwich developed a nice chemistry when the play calling allowed it.

Play calling has more to do with their grade then actual performance as we all know UTEP struggled to find an identity after Aaron Jones went down.  Mack Leftwich's health is a concern going forward, but would it be crazy to think UTEP could have a legit two quarterback system with Johnson and Metz going forward?

No matter who is calling the plays or what scheme the Miners want to use going forward, consistency should be the focus for all three of UTEP's returners at quarterback here in the off-season.

Leftwich seemed to be the most consistent when he was healthy, but now with a full year of playing time under their belt's, how much improvement will UTEP's sophomore-to-be quarterbacks improve with their consistency.

Key losses: None

Key Returners: Kavika Johnson, Ryan Metz, Mack Leftwich

2016 commits: Mark Torrez

Inside The Numbers

Offense Defense
Avg. Rk Avg. Rk Nat'l Avg.
Passing S&P+ 75.7 121 82.1 119 100.0
Passing Success Rate 35.6% 106 41.5% 72 40.3%
Passing IsoPPP 1.56 42 1.74 122 1.48
Adj. Sack Rate 245.8 7 89.7 86 100
Passing Downs
Offense Defense
Avg. Rk Avg. Rk Nat'l Avg.
Passing Downs S&P+ 79.5 116 89.1 104 100.0
Passing Downs Success Rate 25.5% 107 28.9% 50 30.7%
Passing Downs IsoPPP 2.08 9 2.29 128 1.77
PD Line Yards per Carry 2.70 105 2.75 26 3.21
PD Sack Rate 2.6% 4 8.2% 47 7.5%

Individual Passing Stats

Player Ht, Wt Year Comp Att Yards TD INT Comp
Sacks Sack Rate Yards/
Mack Leftwich 5'10, 190 SO 105 192 1228 9 3 54.7% 4 2.0% 6.2
Ryan Metz 6'4, 205 FR 82 140 900 6 7 58.6% 3 2.1% 6.2
Kavika Johnson 6'1, 205 FR 27 53 218 3 0 50.9% 5 8.6% 3.0