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UTEP basketball: Three thoughts on UTEP's final exhibition

I learned three things on Saturday watching UTEP's final exhibition of the season.

Alex Nicolas

Dominic Artis will be special

I'm sure he'll tell you he left a lot of points on the floor last night and not because of turnovers.  It looked like a little bit of game speed rust in finishing some impressive drives to the rack.  It seemed at times he was able to manufacture any shot he wanted, but rust on a couple of really good moves only came up with iron and backboard which will end up being points on the board in a few months.  Zero turnovers, three steals, and five defensive rebounds were more important than his 19 points in my opinion.  The fact that he got to the free throw line 10 times will be huge for this team.   I feel he will special because he will do all those small things that get hidden by points in a box score which in my opinion helps you win.  I  also really feel his is responsible for Lee Moore going to the line eight times, and Tevin Caldwell going to the line eight times as well.  We knew he'd be good, but executing the little things like he showed is important for the make up of this team going forward.

Best lineup of the night

UTEP's best stretch of the game was in the final three minutes of the first half.  A lineup of Paul Thomas, Jake Flaggert, Brodricks Jones, Dominic Artis, and Lee Moore spearheaded a 13-2 run to end the half.  Jones and Thomas showed a nice two man game that saw Jones receiving a deep post touch and muscled up for an easy bucket.  Then Jake Flaggert hit a WIDE open three ball in the three minutes sequence.  Then at the end of the game, the guard lineup of Moore, Caldwell, and Artis took over to out score ECU 14-6 over the last five minutes.  Plenty of good lineups Tim Floyd will have a nice look at when breaking down this film.  Chemistry and adding other pieces who were in street clothes will make these lineups even more dangerous later in the season.

Terry Winn and Earvin Morris will probably miss the first two games per CTF

This is what Tim Floyd said about Earvin Morris and Terry Winn missing the season opener, and possible the first two games of the season.

"No I don't think so, I don't think they will."  Floyd replied when asked if they would play this week.  "And probably not the following week.  They need to sit here a couple of more ball games and understand how important and how precious being able to play college basketball really is.  And how important to think outside of yourself and think about others.  I think once we get that established, they're going to grow as people, our basketball team is going to grow."

Floyd didn't specify when asked what the exact issue is, but it appears UTEP will be without their lone all-conference selection, and a guy who has double-double potential.