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Miner Rush Podcast Open Thread

UTEP's bowl hopes are running thin, and the UTEP basketball team again faces adversity.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The Rush is a podcast brought to you by SB Nation and, with Alex Nicolas and Anthony Salom talking all things UTEP and Conference USA sports.

This week we will review UTEP's 34-13 road loss to Southern Miss. There were some themes to the loss and we break them down as the Miners bowl hopes are running thin.

Rice comes into the Sun Bowl on Friday night, we take a look at the Owls, and discuss how big this game really is even with a 3-5 record.

UTEP basketball opened up their exhibition slate last Saturday, we talk about that and the looming eligibility issue with Dominic Artis and the current status of the team.

Javier Cortez from Sportstown El Paso will join us as well to get thoughts on UTEP's first two outings of the basketball season.

Show starts at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, and we always encourage your interaction via our call in number 347-934-0951, here in the comment thread, or @ us on Twitter, or via email

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