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UTEP basketball: Josh McSwiggan's eligibility questioned by NCAA

A minor academic issue is being reviewed by the NCAA In regards to Josh McSwiggan.

UTEP assistant coach Phil Johnson filling in for Tim Floyd on the Tim Floyd Radio Show said Tuesday that freshman swingman Josh McSwiggan is going through a minor eligibility issue with the NCAA.

Johnson said the NCAA was questioning "a couple" of classes the 6'7 McSwiggan took in his native country of England, with no timeline given on the resolution.

McSwiggan missed the few weeks of October after recovering from surgery on his meniscus, and started practicing for the first time last week.

Tim Floyd speaking about Dominic Artis eligibility issue last Saturday applauded the NCAA for what he called " a new common sense NCAA" in their handling of Artis' eligibility being cleared.

"Its part of the new common sense NCAA which is kind of refreshing." Floyd said of the Artis resolution.  "They look into situations with a lot more common sense and I applaud them for making the right decision."

His optimism on a "refreshing" process could mean the current issue with McSwiggan is minor but the paper work process may take time to cross the pond and vice versa.

McSwiggan's eligibility issue seems to fall under a trending hot button issue with a pair of other 2015 freshman like Chieck Diallo of Kansas,  and Tacko Fall at UCF also having eligibility issues stemming from overseas and specialty prep school education.

While the situation of all three players are in total contrast of each other, it seems the NCAA is making sure all the I's are dotted before a rebound is recorded.