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UTEP basketball: Morris, Romine, Winn out for exhibition game, Dominic Artis' eligibility in question

It’s looking like Tim Floyd laid the discipline hammer on three players ahead of Saturday’s exhibition.

UTEP will be without Earvin Morris, Terry Winn, Christian Romine, and of course Omega Harris for Saturday's exhibition.

Tim Floyd had this to say about the players missing Saturday's exhibition.

"We do have a few young men that aren't going to participate in this game."  Floyd told the media on Friday.  "Earvin Morris will not be playing, Terry Winn will not be playing, Omega Harris will not be playing, Christian Romine will not be playing in this game.  One for academics, the other three for situations where individualism became a bigger part of who they were than our team.  So we are going to take a step back before we grow as a team."

Floyd did indicate that Matt Willms will play very limited minutes on Saturday.

"We're liable to throw him out there for three or four minutes, but it's not going to be beyond that," Floyd said.  "We only have x number of minutes with him this year prior to the surgery in March.  We're going to try to be very judicious with when and where we use those minutes."

There is also questions about Dominic Artis' eligibility according to Floyd and this tweet from Felix Chavez of the El Paso Times.

Javier Cortez from Sportstown El Paso explained further.

UTEP will host D-2 Cameron on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in the Don Haskins Center.