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UTEP basketball: Tim Floyd Talks Orange and White Scrimmage, Early October Progress

We caught up with Tim Floyd before Monday's practice as he gives us an update on how practice has been going.

Alex Nicolas

Tim Floyd talks about positive progress being made by high energy, and high effort in UTEP's first couple of weeks of official practice.

Floyd called Lee Moore UTEP's second best rebounder so far, and talks about what he is looking forward to see emerge on Saturday.

He also said that Omega Harris will participate in Saturday's scrimmage.

We also catch up with Dominic Artis, and Hooper Vint as they give their thoughts on the first couple of weeks of practice, and what they expect in the Orange and White scrimmage on Saturday.

The scrimmage will get going Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in the Don Haskins Center, admission is free.

Tim Floyd audio

Hooper Vint audio

Dominic Artis audio

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