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Say What? Tim Floyd quotes from Tuesday

Coach Floyd talked to the media Tuesday, here are a couple of quotes.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

"We had a very difficult week, we lost a game that we had an opportunity to win against Western Kentucky because of poor free throw shooting. We had a chance to help ourselves on the road against a very ordinary Marshall team and got beat. We didn't play well at all. It was probably our worst outing of the year. Not to take anything away from their ball club ... but again, missed free throws and we really couldn't guard anybody."

"You're relying on the makeup of your guys when things get a little bit tough.  When you challenge that makeup, you can go a lot of different ways with it. I do believe in this group and I believe that we will respond. We have played five out of seven games on the road. I think our fans kind of got used to us just winning on the road, like it's going to happen every game. But it's still a difficult place to go. We know this schedule will turn and we're going to have five of seven at some point at home."

"We'd like to believe that we (good free throw shooters), although a couple of guys that are really struggling right now have struggled throughout their careers. It's not unlike me trying to make a five-foot putt consistently. It just doesn't happen all of the time and there are different skill levels. But you can work on it and get better at it. We try to put our guys in pressure situations and hopefully we'll respond to it."

When you guard as poorly as we did, which has been a staple of who we've been, that's disappointing. We've got to start right there.  I'd like to see us respond with aggressiveness on the offensive end. We're going to try to do that by playing inspired basketball and playing hard. And maybe keeping guys fresher, guys not playing as many minutes and getting a lot of guys in there."


"They have benefited from having four games at home.  They got a very good road win at Middle Tennessee. One of their losses is impressive, a three-pointer at Louisiana Tech. We know we've got our hands full with a team that is playing inspired basketball right now. They are playing very hard."