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Kentucky cancels on UTEP, but why?

The million dollar answer around Miner Nation the past few days could never see the light of day, ever.

Coach Tim Floyd announced on his radio show Tuesday, and then further clarified yesterday during his weekly meet with the media that Kentucky has "backed out" of a proposed game in 2016 to recognize the 50th anniversary of Texas Western's monumental and historic upset of Kentucky.

It seemed nothing was ever set in stone, or an official agreement was signed or put into motion, but just like the Arizona game this past year CTF had probably been recruiting and preparing for this one the past couple of seasons.

The answer to the biggest question among Miner fans in the past 36 hours or so is being kept behind closed doors because apparently the reason would garner major headlines across the country.

CTF seems pretty pissed about it, so why back out?

I'll give my two cents and two theories FWIW.

It wasn't Cal's decision, and had nothing to do with Tony Barbee

He may be losing the plethora of players that make up his undefeated platoons this season, and the memory of never easy to beat UTEP teams while he was at Memphis could very well be a valid reason.

But with the way Calipari has turned Kentucky into an absolute monster, I highly doubt he is scared to play anyone and anywhere.

Cal is a great coach, great father figure to his players, and an even better face of a program, but I don't think he would shoot down things like that. 

From an outsider's prospective, I can guess that there are a lot of suits and ties that call shots and sign checks for UK.  Cal sometimes probably has to agree on things he may not like, but hey it's Kentucky and he will probably win it all this year, but I would think Cal would fully support a game like that and would be all in.

A huge LOL goes out to the people who say Tony Barbee had a role in it, come on now....

Kentucky's Image

The fact that the game would do nothing for UK but cast the program as former "social bad guys" or I hate to even get deeper into it, but bringing back the thought of their factual racial preferences from the Rupp era is not a good look for a current national power to be blasted and talked about for two hours during a nationally televised event.

Either a rich as hell booster, administrator, or a higher than higher up made the call to possibly protect the image coach Cal is busting his ass on the daily in making Kentucky more than just a basketball powerhouse.

The risk of a 66' repeat may have been too high not only on the scoreboard, but more so the memory of negativity brought from the era in where their former legendary coach was labeled by some as a bigot.

And I truly believe someone felt the need to protect Rupp's polarizing figure as a basketball coach rather than him being portrayed a racist compared to the charitable Don Haskins.

Sometimes with big time programs you have to protect your brand which I feel the Wildcats are doing and is fair since it was 50 years ago and why open up an old wound when the pastures are golden now.

Wonder how Kentucky fans feel about it, because UTEP fans are pretty pissed, and like me probably canceled plans and savings accounts to see what was supposed to be a reflection of what we have overcome as a nation and a moment that transcended sports.

Suits and ties win again (IMO) like they do most of the time in this world, leaving normal folks thinking the new age question of WTF...bruh....